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Yanqui Imperialismo

Lucy Delap: Compañeras, 1 July 2021

Peace on Our Terms: The Global Battle for Women’s Rights after the First World War 
by Mona Siegel.
Columbia, 321 pp., £30, January 2020, 978 0 231 19510 2
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Feminism for the Americas: The Making of an International Human Rights Movement 
by Katherine Marino.
North Carolina, 339 pp., £25.95, August 2020, 978 1 4696 6152 0
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... in the door’ assertiveness forced a reorientation of both the League of Nations and the UN. When Hillary Clinton declared in Beijing in 1995 that ‘women’s rights are human rights,’ she was – knowingly or not – invoking the achievements of these years. The widespread international acceptance of a woman’s right to maternity leave is another ...

A Hard Dog to Keep on the Porch

Christopher Hitchens, 6 June 1996

... to the length of self-slaughter. Most were more sanguine. I don’t especially remember Bill Clinton, perhaps because he was one of the more moderate and conciliatory types. But I remember several of his girlfriends and I remember being impressed at a house that boasted its own duplicator for the production of Vietnam Moratorium leaflets. And now I live ...

Short Cuts

Christian Lorentzen: Paul Krugman, 19 July 2012

... the 1992 campaign, testifying to Congress about income inequality, then was excluded from the Clinton administration by Robert Reich, the leader of the economic transition team whom Krugman had attacked in a paper nine years earlier. ‘Luckily for my sanity and future productivity,’ he also wrote in 1995, ‘I did not break through into a role as TV ...

Short Cuts

August Kleinzahler: Ubu Unchained, 5 March 2020

... on the computer I discovered that much of the commentariat felt the same. James Carville, Bill Clinton’s former attack dog, was behaving as if his own pet dog had just been run over by a bread truck.It got worse. Why are Republican operatives in South Carolina telling registered Republicans, who are allowed to vote in the state’s Democratic primary on ...

The World’s Most Important Spectator

David Bromwich: Obama’s World, 3 July 2014

... a neoconservative who made a highly successful transition in 2009 from Dick Cheney’s staff to Hillary Clinton’s. Nuland is married to the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century, Robert Kagan, one of the leading promoters of the Iraq war. We may never know what Obama thought Nuland was up to when she flew in to the Maidan to pass out ...

Jailbreak from the Old Order

David Edgar: England’s Brexit, 26 April 2018

The Lure of Greatness: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump 
by Anthony Barnett.
Unbound, 393 pp., £8.99, August 2017, 978 1 78352 453 2
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... or wrongly, these voters believed their economic future would be safer with Trump than with Hillary Clinton. Opponents of this analysis – notably Matthew Goodwin, whose Revolt on the Right (written with Robert Ford) first identified Ukip voters as older and poorer than the general population – argue that the Leave/Remain faultline is ...

Short Cuts

Pooja Bhatia: After the Assassination, 29 July 2021

... and muscular intervention’. A clip surfaced of Joe Biden in 1994 arguing against the Clinton administration’s proposed humanitarian action in Haiti. If the country ‘just quietly sunk [sic] into the Caribbean’, he said, ‘or rose up three hundred feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest’. Americans have ...

Travelling in the Wrong Direction

Lorna Finlayson: Popular Feminism, 4 July 2019

Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny 
by Sarah Banet-Weiser.
Duke, 220 pp., £18.99, November 2018, 978 1 4780 0291 8
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Darkness Now Visible: Patriarchy’s Resurgence and Feminist Resistance 
by Carol Gilligan and David Richards.
Cambridge, 162 pp., £21.99, August 2018, 978 1 108 47065 0
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Feminism for the 99 Per Cent: A Manifesto 
by Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya and Nancy Fraser.
Verso, 85 pp., £7.99, March 2019, 978 1 78873 442 4
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... of manhood that challenged the patriarchal norm. This, compounded by the prospect of a woman, Hillary Clinton, becoming president, was an intolerable threat to the patriarchal order. Missing from this picture is the possibility that both men and women voted for Trump not simply because of their investment in a patriarchy that they perceived to be ...

The Mother of All Conventions

Edward Luttwak, 19 September 1996

... Iraq’s three Republican Guard divisions had just reached the 36th parallel when Clinton was told that the architect of his ‘family values’ election campaign, Richard Morris, was about to be exposed in the press as the assiduous client of a call-girl, with whom he had shared White House secrets. It was the worst possible kind of scandal for Clinton, given the past stories of his own extra-marital affairs, now more relevant than ever because of his decidedly puritanical electoral stance ...

The Fastidious President

David Bromwich: The Matter with Obama, 18 November 2010

... image of themselves as temperate and moderate-minded public men. He has shown no such signs with Hillary Clinton. In retrospect this makes her appointment as secretary of state all the more perplexing. There is no reason to believe that by appointing her, Obama removed a threat she would have posed as a senatorial counterweight against his ...

The US is not Hungary

David Runciman: The Midterms, 22 November 2018

... in 2016. A large number had staked their professional reputations on confident predictions that Hillary Clinton would brush him aside. But when the result came in those same political scientists were kicking themselves for not having seen it coming. What happened turned out to fit pretty well with the outcome their models might have predicted. It was ...

Populism and the People

Jan-Werner Müller, 23 May 2019

... majority’. Rival contenders for power are dismissed as irredeemably corrupt: ‘Crooked Hillary’. Those among the people who do not fall in with the populists are said never to have truly belonged to the people in the first place – witness Trump’s condemnation of his critics as ‘un-American’, Kaczyński railing against Poles with treason ...

Lucky Lad

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Harold Evans, 17 December 2009

My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times – An Autobiography 
by Harold Evans.
Little, Brown, 515 pp., £25, September 2009, 978 1 4087 0203 1
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... fondness for Barack Obama, which was fair enough, but also lamented ‘the persecution of Hillary Clinton’, and the ‘continuous insinuations’ that ‘the Clintons were race-baiters,’ which Evans called ‘absurd defamation’. Why absurd? When Bill Clinton suggested that Obama was unelectable by ...

Short Cuts

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Gordon Brown, 7 June 2007

... The Audacity of Hope, to the simply intolerable: look no further than It Takes a Village by Hillary Clinton. But Gordon Brown doesn’t need to write a job application. The spavined and gelded Parliamentary Labour Party has just anointed him by acclamation, and he thus becomes the first Labour leader in more than seventy years – and the first ...

Short Cuts

John Lanchester: Manhunt 2, 19 July 2007

... news broke at a time when video games were under attack from politicians in America, among them Hillary Clinton, whose rightward triangulations at that point involved proposing a law to ‘make sure that parents have a line of defence against violent and graphic video games’. The game had to be withdrawn and reclassified. Rockstar’s next ...

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